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What are the differences in the SportSupport styles?

Both styles of our SportSupport™ Hipster Leggings are made with a breathable, midweight fabric and have a wide, 2-ply waistband that is very supportive and durable. 

The Cuffed Leggings are designed with additional length so they can be worn like your favorite jogger – either slouched up at the ankle or pulled down under your heels for lounging at home or going to yoga class. The Cuffed style also includes our longest length in our legging range.

The Contour Legging has line details to contour the leg from about the knee down, and don't include the additional length like our cuffed style.

The SportSupport™ line does fit about 2 inches more snugly than our Everyday collection, so be sure to check our Size Guide!