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How to Exchange for a New Style or Different Product

We get it – sometimes what you purchased online is just not quite what you had in mind! We would love to get you set up with style that works better for you! Feel free to start the process at this link - 

 Just enter the email address associated with your order and follow the instructions. Next, click on the picture of the item you’d like to return, be sure to select "Find Something New". This will offer several collections to choose from. Then, choose the product you prefer and press "View Details". This will show all the colors and sizes available!   

Once you confirm the exchange, the system will generate a return shipping label for returning the original item. Your new item will ship in one business day and you’ll have 30 days for us to receive the returned item. Please do let us know if you need any help processing this! We’re always happy to help.

Please note, international orders cannot be exchanged using this portal. If you have an international exchange request, please email us at