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How to Exchange for a New Style or Different Product

We get it – sometimes what you purchased online is just not quite what you had in mind! We would love to get you set up with style that works better for you! 

We process this sort of style exchange as a return-and-repurchase.

You will first submit a return for refund in our returns portal. If our returns processor considers your return as eligible for exchange, you will receive an Instant Refund Voucher. This voucher works as a temporary, optional gift card allowing you to use the value of your return toward the style you really want right away. You will initiate that return using this link -

Simply enter the email address associated with the order and follow the instructions. 

Click the picture of the item that you would like to return and choose the reason for the return. Choose 'Return' when given the option of how to proceed, then click the green Return button across the bottom of the screen and submit for refund. The system will provide a prepaid USPS shipping label for sending back the returned item, and you will have 30 days for us to receive that.

If you choose not to use the Instant Refund Voucher from your return, or if you do not use its entire value, then the balance will be refunded back to your original method of payment when our warehouse has received and processed your return.

Please note, international orders cannot be exchanged using this portal. If you have an international exchange request, please email us at